Roasterie and Kansas City Morning


"Roasterie and Kansas City Morning



I was for some time wanting to get this image.  It was quite cold this morning but I was determined.  This old DC-3 is the symbol and icon for a local specialty coffee company in Kansas City, the Roasterie Coffee Company.  The acquired this DC3 and created this static display complete with lighting on top of their new location in Kansas City.  There is only one vantage point in the area, at least which is accessible, to get this shot with the airplane positioned just right against the backdrop of the Kansas City skyline.  The early morning light was perfect and I could have used a little of their hot coffee to help keep me warm.  But my efforts were rewarded.  The completed image was made from 5 different exposures and processed in NIK HDR Pro 2 software.  It makes a great canvas gallery wrap accent for a home or office.


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